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I wanted a classy clutter free clean lined home and that's what we got from bonito they kept it simple and sophisticated like asked. We wanted a home with a sense of space and so they merged in with our ideas and tried to understand our concepts ”

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Mr. Hariharan & Mrs. Samiksha





If you’re a fan of Hollywood, then you would be pleased to have a home with a Luxe design. The origins of luxe interior design go way back to the golden era of Hollywood. Luxe interior design style is one that encapsulates Hollywood regency.

A Spacious Home

Mr Hariharan & Mrs Samiksha classy sophisticated yet simple with clean lines is what they wanted .this house has been designed in a way that it doesn’t look cluttered keeping space into consideration.

Aptly named Aurora after the bold and vibrant personality of the lady of the house this home included Lacquered finish wardrobes, a wall designed with metal strips which shows how unique this home is. you can see geometric patterns pave their way into the decor of this home. The burnt effect and wood capture a sense of new elements in the bedroom. The hand painted table where the TV rests brings a contemporary vibe with a retro touch.

What customer says about Bonito:

" We were pleased that we could quickly get along with the design concepts and how we wanted our home to be. It's always good to get an appreciation for the looks and spaces that have been created by Bonito".

Mrs Samiksha


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